British produce, cooked simply but with imagination.

Menus draw on seasonal flavour with innovating modern food.

All our food is cooked fresh to order so we can accommodate dietary requirements and preferences.


WELCOME Pitta bread with olives and chilli


  • MINI MEZE’ Taramo Salad, Houmous, Tzatziki, potato salad, beetroot salad, giaiant beens, staff vine leaves with pita bread  £ 16.50
  • HOUMOUS (home made) cheekpease, tahini, lemon, cumin with pita bread  (V/VE£ 8.50
  • TZATZIKI (home made) yogurt, cucumber, olive oil, vinegar, garlic with pita bread (V£ 8.50
  • TARAMO SALAD fish eggs, olive oil, onion, bread with pita bread  £ 8.50
  • POTATO SALAD potato, garlic, coriander, olive oil with pita bread  (V/VE) £ 8.50
  • BEETROOT SALAD beetroot, vinager, garlic, lemon, mayonnaise with pita bread (V/GF) £ 8.50
  • HALLOUMI FRIES deep fried halloumi, with pomegranate and balsamic vinaigrette (V/GF) £ 12.00
  • FETA SAGANAKI feta cheese, pastry, sesame, honey  (V/GF) £ 15.00
  • PASTOURMA beef spicy means sausage, lemon, Tahini sauce  £ 15.00
  • WHITE BAIT deep fried fish with lemon   £ 15.00
  • WHOLE BABY CALAMARI deep fried baby squid   £ 16.00
  • CAULIFLOWER CROQUETTES with mango chutney and crispy rocket   (V/VE/GF) £9.50
  • GRILLED TUNA STEAK SALAD with citrus dressing avocado and heritage tomatoes   (GF£11.50


  • CHICKEN SHASLIK marinated chicken on the grill serving with mushrooms, green pepper, cherry tomatoes, chips on the side  (GF)     £ 21.00
  • CHICKEN A LA GREEK marinated chicken breast cooked with double cream, white wine   (GF)      £ 23.00
  • CHICKEN SPINACH FETA deep fried chicken breast filled with spinach and feta served with cream  (GF)     £ 26.00
  • PORK SOUVLAKI pork neck cubes on the grill served with chips and green salad  (GF£ 22.00
  • LAMB CHOPS lamb on the grill served with mush potato and special sauce   (GF£ 29.00
  • RIBEYE STEAK with peppercorn or Diane sauce  (GF)   £ 34.00
  • SIEFTALIA pork or lamb means with onion, parsley on the grill, served with chips £ 23.00
  • AFELIA pork belly marinated in red wine and coriander served with new potato (GF)  £ 21.00
  • GARLIC MARINATED TIGER KING PRAWNS with chili mango sauce and toasted bread (GF) £ 22.00
  • SEABASS pan fried seabass fillet served with chips or mush potato £ 22.00
  • MOUSAKKA mix vegetables and bechamel sauce (V)       £18.00


  • Creamy mash potato                                                            £ 4.50
  • Rocket Parmesan salad £ 4.50
  • Rosemary fries £ 4.50
  • Buttered beans with garlic £ 4.50


Selection of ice cream and sorbets    £ 2.00 each scoop

Eton mess                                                                                                              £ 7.50

Hot chocolate fondant vanilla ice cream and custard crumble                               £ 7.50

Sticky toffee pudding salted caramel sauce vanilla ice cream                                £ 7.50

Bread and butter pudding with apricot glaze clotted cream and fresh berries        £ 7.50

 Baklava                                                                                                                   £ 7.50


We have a wide selection of after dinner cocktails, ports and liquers




Tuna Tartare Loft Restaurant St Albans

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Banoffee Pie Loft St Albans Restaurant
Chorizo avocado and egg - Loft St Albans Restaurant
 Lamb lancashire hotpot - Loft St Albans Restaurant
Duck main course - Loft St Albans Restaurant


23B George Street, St Albans, AL3 4ES
(in the courtyard opposite George Street Canteen)


Wednesday to Friday

5:30pm to 10:30pm


Lunch 12pm to 3pm

Dinner 6pm to 10:30pm


12pm to 4pm

Special Events ( Please email us on (


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